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Logberg – Heimskringls reveiw from Calgary concert in Canada on April 5th 2009 HERE

Rome interview at 9/3/09 HERE

  1. crescendo das klassik magazin published in September 2008

“Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir kombinierte technische Virtuosität mit einem tiefen Einblick in die Gefühle un Emotionen der Verfasser der Stücke” Crescendo / 2008

“Nína Margrét performed the virtuosic Rondo capriccioso with pearly pianism” Morgunbladid / 2008

“Highly recommended for those who continue to search for fine treasures!” Classical Music Guide Forums / 2008

“the light and classical style of the composer was enjoyed through a warm performance of the A minor Trio” Morgunbladid / 2008

“The music on this CD is amiable and accessible which nevertheless reveals hidden depths from time to time under its graceful surface. The recording quality of this Naxos CD is excellent, clear and well balanced, and the interpretation of the musicians brings forward the essence of Sveinbjörnsson´s style in an unaffected dexterous way with a natural flow which allows the music to “breathe” in correct places” Morgunbladid / 2007

“inspired performance” Morgunblaðið / 2007

“best possible quality” Morgunblaðið / 2006

“Nína Margrét played the long cadenza with security and brilliance” Morgunblaðið / 2005

“Nína Margrét´s piano playing was fresh and lively” Morgunblaðið / 2004

“Nína Margrét has positioned herself as an outstanding pianist” Morgunblaðið / 2003

“this concert was indeed a great artistic event” Morgunblaðið / 2003

“These generous, intelligent performances show them to advantage “(Four stars awarded) BBC Music Magazine / 2002

“I cannot imagine how these performances could be bettered “ American Record Guide / 2002

“properly fresh and powerful interpretations “ Pizzicato / 2002

“Nína Margrét plays beautifully” Luister / 2002

“Nína Margrét´s piano playing was strikingly clear” Morgunblaðið / 2002

“warmth, affection, and lilting rubato” American Record Guide / 2002

“Grímsdóttir is a well informed and inspiring champion for this surprising and little known music” CD Reviews on-line / 2001

“Icelandic pianist Nina Margret Grimsdottir and Australian violinist Nicolas Milton perform these works in a lyrical, spirited manner. An inventive disc of significant but little known works of a romantic master” Audiophile Audition / 2001

“The performances by the Nomos Duo are lively and enjoyable” Classical Music Web / October 2001

“The Nomos Duo perform all three sonatas with sensivity and intelligence” David´s Review Corner / 2001

“Grímsdóttir plays this music of her compatriot as gracefully and vibrantly as she does Mozart” Fanfare / 2001

“unbelievably beautiful touch, great feeling for sound nuances, faultless technique” High Fidelity / 2001

“so profound gespielt” Piano News / 2001

“bewitching interpretation full of Nordic flavour” Boletín de Informatíon Discográfica / 2001

“outstanding pianist” Göteborgsposten / 2001

“the two instruments beautifully integrated in rhythm and sound quality. Milton and Grímsdóttir are to be preferred” Gramophone Awards Issue / 2001

“the sensitive lyricsim of the pianist was a true delight“ Morgunblaðið / 2001

“technical brilliance and musical insight – a feat!” Morgunblaðið / 2000

“Nína Margrét’s playing was signified by security and nuanced sound” Reykjavík Daily DV / 1999

“a charming performance” Seattle Post-Intelligencer / 1999

“a skilled pianist” Morgunblaðið / 1998

“Grímsdóttir´s playing is big boned, direct, and deliciously nuanced” New York Concert Review / 1997

“a charming performer” Fanfare / 1997

“well-trained mechanism and lovely piano sound” Amercan Record Guide / 1997

“completely outstanding” Morgunblaðið / 1996

“Nína Margrét is gifted with an unquestionably creative musicianship“ Reykjavík Daily DV / 1996